Karachi, Pakistan DNS Servers Routing Issue ( ;

Dear Sirs,

Karachi, Pakistan Cloudflare Servers have been re-routed for more than 2 months and have not been restored, I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I am getting around 20-50ms ping on and where I used to get around 1-5ms on it. Performance of web surfing has been downgraded due to this issue.

Users in Karachi are routed via Dubai servers for more than 2 months where the cloudflare status website shows that Karachi, Pakistan Servers are Operational.

Kindly fix the routing of Karachi Cloudflare Servers as soon as possible.

Please check the attached screenshots for the routes of and

Kindly check the below link of my support ticket where no support agent has contacted me regarding this issue.

Best Regards

R. H. Akbari

Email: [email protected]

any support agent out in this forum ???

I see you have a ticket number, so you must have received an automated response with instructions, including how to get more help. Have you followed those instructions?

I can’t quite see what the ticket number is. It might be 1988465

This could be due to the ISP’s choice on how to route traffic.

To be clear this is just for lookups of uncached DNS records, this 40ish ms difference is 1/10th the time it takes to blink an eye. Traffic between you and the origin server where the content is hosted is unaffected by the DNS server used in the lookup so degradation of web surfing performance is unlikely due to the change in where DNS is being served.

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Pls let me join.
I have a similar problem but in Poland, Warsaw.
I have internet from T-Mobile Poland FTTH and i have a high ping to cloudflare.thinx.pl ( and DNS cloudflare.
Another person with T-Mobile in Łódź has a good ping at the same time.

any idea?

If it was an ISP issue the routes wont be same for other ISPs as well, so its not an ISP issue, as the routes are going to Dubai and to Dubai cloudflare servers instead of going to Karachi servers.

Yes I have followed all the steps

Still the response and routes are same (i.e via Dubai) and Karachi, Pakistan servers are being showed Operational on cloudflarestatus.com

You can also check the routes for Pakistan via the following link:


Why isn’t the support active on this forum ?? This issue has been going on for more than 2 months and the cloudflare team is not responding to it…