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My website is down. Kajabi is the host and they said the problem is DNS and I should contact Cloudflare. I remember signing up for a free account with Cloudflare at that time, but Cloudflare says I have no account. (I just signed up for a new one to get on this community forum.) My domain name is purchased through Directnic. Directnic blames Kajabi and Kajabi blames Cloudflare. Can anyone guide me to what I need to do? Thanks!

Hi @user16152,

That’s awkward. I believe Kajabi use Cloudflare themselves. What’s the domain?

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It’s not returning DNS records. Do you have a record for drkaayladaniel.com and www?

And does the bottom of your DNS page here show Kenia and Jermaine as your Cloudflare name servers?

Hello, My website is still down. I got this response from Directnic. Hope you can help. Kaayla

Hello Kaayla,

Thank you for contacting Directnic Support. I checked on the previous ticket as it appears additional information was given and I wanted to make sure I understood the changes. The nameservers were properly updated and show (joyce.ns.cloudflare.com, JERMAINE.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM). This supported by a whois (Whois drkaayladaniel.com). When I do a DNS Check on the nameservers, they do not all resolve (DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup (whatsmydns.net)) when associated with the domain, but when I check the IP for the nameservers they all resolve properly. If the nameservers are correct, you would need to contact the host as to why the website is not working/resolving when the proper nameservers are entered and more than enough time for propagation has occurred. There may be an issue with the DNS entry itself at Cloudflare with the domain. I would recommend passing this information to your host so they can take a look. If you have any other questions please reply which will re-open this ticket.


Michael Dash Doherty

Directnic Support

Not surprising, as their reply is what I said before:

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