Kajabi site not loading without www. and redirects do not work (I use Blue Host)

Hello all,

I am at my wit’s end and have been going back and forth with both Blue Host and Kajabi support for days on end (it’s been over a week now) and no one seems to know how to fix this issue. I have been on the phone with Blue Host or on chat with Kajabi all day every day (at least 8 hours every day). I have extensively searched the forums and tried nearly everything I found but still to no avail. While I do not personally use Cloudflare I know Kajabi does and I am getting a Cloudflare error so I was hoping (REALLY hoping) that someone here could help me.

I am trying to connect my BlueHost domain with Kajabi and ALL sub directories (like /contact or /links) will not load WITHOUT the www. in front of it. So I’m going to go through what I did step by step with screenshots and I just hope so much that someone here can help me (I am basically in tears as I’m writing this. It took me months to rebuild my whole website to have it go live on Kajabi and I have not been able to work in days trying to figure out this issue).

So, Kajabi tells you to input a www CNAME into your DNS settings which I did. When that happened, my site instantly loaded but only WITH the www. Without the WWW I would get a 404 Document Error. So I waited 48 hours for propagation and I still got the error without the WWW.

I looked through some forums and thought that perhaps the issue was because my CNAME @ record wasn’t pointing to Kajabi. So what I did was create another CNAME record and this time for the @. Now instead of a 404 Document Error I receive an Error 1001 for the Cloudflare network. I set this up earlier today, so I don’t know if this has to do with propagation (but I doubt it because I tried to set up the @ name a few days ago too and waited ~48 hours).

Here is a screenshot of what my DNS settings currently look like (I wish I could show you all of them but since I’m a new user I’m only allowed to use one screen shot in this post).

I’m also aware that a redirect should normally work for scenarios like this - when the site only loads with a www. but not without it.

So I set up my redirect the way Kajabi told me (in my Blue Host cpanel Redirects area), and it only works for the MAIN site. It does not work for all other sites in the directory. So, for example, manifestingmiracleworker.com/links or /courses do not load and I still get the 1001 DNS error (Cloudflare).

Today I went into my .htaccess directory in cPanel because I thought that maybe I could FORCE a redirect. And that still didn’t work.

I can’t post a screenshot of what the Blue Host redirect form looks like so I"m going to type out each line right here (I don’t know if it’s something I’m missing in this redirect form?) Or maybe there’s something i’m doing wrong with the directory? I tried /* and I also tried to redirect to the www. address with a /$1 at the end and nothing seems to work.

BlueHost’s form (in cPanel under Redirects) looks like this:

Line 1: Type (I always choose 301 permanent)

Line 2: This is a drop down for the domain I want to use. I choose my domain (there’s no www. in front of it from this drop down)

Line 3: / (This line has a / and then I am supposed to type something after the / or leave it blank. I have both left it blank and typed a * in this section)

Line 4: Redirects to: This is where I have typed in both https://www http://www with my site after (I can’t type out the full link because they’re not letting me post this with too many links). I have also tried using both with http and https using www.manifestingmiracleworker.com/$1

Line 5: This line has 3 options that you can click. Option one is “Only redirect with www.” Option 2 is “Redirect with or without www.” and option 3 is “Do not redirect www.” I have tried this with all three none of them have worked.

And Line 6: The last line is a check box where you can check Wild Card Redirect. I have tried this with both wild card redirect checked and I also have left it unchecked.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but I am really hoping someone can help me. I am so upset. Blue Host and Kajabi support have got me absolutely nowhere. If anyone out there can help me I thank you so much in advance. Thank you for reading this.

Hi there,

I don’t see any zone under your Cloudflare account, but generically speaking, if you did, you simply had to create a redirect rule or page rule, perhaps like this:

Having said this, if you’re not the customer and your hosting provider is the Cloudflare customer, you should reach out directly to them as we can’t change settings for other customers.

Take care.

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