Kajabi site error

I’m trying to solve what seems to be a common error but previous replies don’t seem to work for me.
I am getting error 81053, when I try to add my kajabi site as a cname. My domain is from godaddy and I’m trying to build my site on kajabi but have the kajabi site go to the go daddy domain.

You already have DNS records for your domain name and ‘www’. Are you trying to add it as a subdomain?

Good question… is that what I’m trying to do?
I’m building the site on Kajabi and the domain from Kajabi is not the domain shown above…the one above is the GoDaddy site which I am wanting as my website name. However, Kajabi gave me instructions to add the GoDaddy site as a CNAME which is what I was trying to do. But given I don’t actually understand the mechanics of it all, I’m struggling to find the right solution.

Here’s a pretty good guide for what you need to do:

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