Kajabi Custom Email & Zendesk Custom Domain

We currently have our domain connected to our Kajabi site/account. I’m trying to set up the custom email using the same domain name. I think I’ve got the custom email for Kajabi settled but I’m not sure about adding the other for Zendesk… if I have cname records for Zendesk and Kajabi email, is that going to cause conflicts?

I know just enough to get myself in trouble so I want to ask before I do it haha

Good to know… our instructions via zendesk say:
Custom domain for DKIM

To use the domain of your support addresses as the DKIM domain, add two CNAME records under the domain of your support addresses for the selectors zendesk1 and zendesk2 . For example:

  1. zendesk1._domainkey.example.com must point to zendesk1._domainkey.zendesk.com
  2. zendesk2._domainkey.example.com must point to zendesk2._domainkey.zendesk.com

No. That is a perfectly normal setup. What you are usually doing is authorising Zendesk to send emails that claim to come from @example.com rather than from @zendesk.com. There should be no name clash with the Kajabi records.

For Zendesk, I normally forward emails to [email protected] from O365 to Zendesk, so don’t send emails directly to Zendesk. For Zendesk to send emails out to the world, I have the two records you list below, as well as 4 other CNAMES:

zendesk1.example.com IN CNAME mail1.zendesk.com

I’ve added include:mail.zendesk.com to my SPF record.
I also have a zendeskverification TXT record.

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