Kajabi custom domain not working with cloudflare

HI all, I am trying to use my domain name with Kajabi.
My domain name is blockready.com and it is hosted on AWS
I changed my nameservers on AWS portal to the Cloudflare ones a few hours ago. I changed those on the registered domain and hosted zone level and I am sure they are correct
I also checked with https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and the Name servers change has propagated OK
I also added CNAME record on Cloudflare dashboard to point www to endpoint.mykajabi.com
so that my domain would point to Kajabi. (i went through the Kajabi custom domain guide.)
Finally I added a custom a new Page Rule on cloudflare:
Match: blockready.com/*
Add setting: Forwarding URL that uses a 301, and set the forward to https://www.blockready.com/$1

However, the domain name is still not resolving It seems that the problem might be the A name but I’m not sure.

Please can someone help?

Looks good to me. Without www, it redirected to ‘www’ then loaded this:

THANK YOU for the quick reply
wow, how is it possible that it is not working for me? after I read your message I looked at my home LAN in case its a DNS problem. tried ipconfig /flushdns nothing, still doesnt resolve, then I used my mobile and switch off the wifi and connected to the internet via my providers data package. still nothing


any ideas?

Sorry, we can’t diagnose local DNS issues. Random checks show it’s working around the world, including fastorslow.com and dotcom tools:

Try using for DNS

Thats Ok thank you so much for your help, at least I know it is not a major issue, I ll work out why it is not working for me :slight_smile:

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