Kajabi CloudFlare Name Servers Rejected?

I have set up my website in Kajabi.

I have set up a custom domain in Kajibi and they instruct me to change the name servers at my registrar (GoDaddy) to:

I have done so and Cloudflare recognizes those as the set name servers. BUT Cloudflare won’t activate my account with those name servers in place. It seems to demand that I use the default name servers that are assigned to every account.

It says…

chessedwards.com is not yet active on Cloudflare.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Account

Remove these nameservers:



  1. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1


Nameserver 2


What to do?

it sounds like you have signed up the domain via two different Cloudflare accounts. I’d search your email accounts for email from Cloudflare to see if you can locate some history on this.

I appreciate that. But there is definitely only 1 Cloudflare account where I have multiple domains set up under their free account.

There are two ways to setup Kajibi. One essentially has the domain added to their Cloudflare account, and you manage everything on the Kajibi control panel. The other has the domain on your own DNS provider, and you add MX and CNAME records as specified by Kajibi.

You cannot have a domain active in two different Cloudflare accounts at the same time. Pick one method or the other.


I am not using Kajabi’s Cloudflare affiliation or account. I was never even offered that choice. Perhaps because I already had my domain running through CF?

So, I am trying to use the second route you mention and have CF be my DNS manager.

GoDaddy is the registrar and those name servers were changed to what Kajabi instructed. But when CF sees those, it doesn’t accept them as valid?

When I use the name servers in GoDaddy recommended by Kajabi, then my site “connects” within Kajabi. BUT, it de-activates my Cloudflare account. Because it wants different name servers.

When I use the name servers in GoDaddy that are recommended by Cloudflare it disconnects my custom site in Kajabi BUT activates my account successfully in Cloudflare.

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