Just transferred a domain that previously was hacked- how do I know what DNS records are valid?

Hello, I am transferring a domain that was left alone with another host and registrar for many years, and over the last year it was the target of lots of hacking and viruses and other technical issues. I am starting over with a clean slate and have no webpage built or email associated or anything. However, upon moving it over to cloudflare I noticed the list of DNS records is long, and is possibly proof of DNS spoofing or phishing or other malicious threats. How do I know what I can delete without hurting the domain itself? Again, it has nothing, no website pages or anything associated with it and I want to clean it up before I start using it again. Below are the screenshots of the DNS records. What can I delete???

Delete them all.

DNSSEC needs fixing as well.

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OK but what about any A Names or CNAMES?

OK I deleted all DNS records. Now what? Do I need to add any?

Should I turn off DNSECC? It hasn’t fully transferred to Cloudflare registrar yet. Or wait for it to transfer?

As you said you don’t have any hosting and don’t have any email, there’s nothing you can add.

The only thing you could do is add some records that tell mail servers that any mail from this domain is junk since it doesn’t mail anything…

Turn it off if transferring the domain (although again as the domain isn’t doing anything, you can’t break any existing setup)…

I tried to turn off DNSSEC at my current registrar but it will take 5-7 business days to transfer and no option to turn it off right now. I will wait until it is with Cloudflare.
As for email, I do want to set it up to have an email address so I can send out email. I will be conntecting the domain to my Systeme account, creating a landing page, and sending emails from there through the autoresponder. Once it transfers I can set this all up. I just don’t know how to do the email part of it. I will be adding 2 new CNAME records from Systeme… Can I even do it now in Cloudflare even though it hasn’t transferred? Since it will take a few days?

Thanks for all your help.

Transferring the domain to Cloudflare registrar is separate from having Cloudflare do your DNS. The latter is already set up and working…

So if you add the records as given to you by your email provider, the email will work. Ensure any email CNAMEs or A/AAAA records you create for email use are set to “DNS only” and not proxied.

You can use my tool above and it should (mostly) warn you if there’s something iffy in the configuration.

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