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Error 525

Ray ID: 653c807d2e6c4b0b • 2021-05-23 07:16:59 UTC

SSL handshake failed

Sometimes I faced this issue on my website.
Is there any dashboard where I can I found the count of such issues?Also, why am I getting this and a possible solution?

my site https://gpuzzles.com

This has been discussed so many times in the forum. Please use the search

And the issue is more related to server-side instead of Cloudflare. Also not related to the plan you are subscribing.


Do we have a dashboard for such errors ?

Try this:


Anyway, did you get this error recently (about 12 hours ago) or you faced this issue for a long time?

If the former is correct, you might be affected by this:


Thanks, yes facing issues from past 2-3 days I guess

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Any idea by when this issue will be fixed

And suddenly below errors
“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”

What is happening

I don’t live in India, so I don’t know what your Dept. of Telecommunications is doing. If you can’t get answers from your government, try your ISP.

The same 525 error shows sometimes in https://searchall.net
Switching to developer mode in cloudflare has also problem so far. not fixed yet.
But there is no problem in server side and hosting.
Even cloudflare website has shown 525 error one time. that’s the beauty.
Cloudflare should resolve this as soon as possible.

Here is the cloudflare.com’s own 525 error screenshot on may 24


I need to move out my site from cloudfare :frowning:

Given your location - you are almost certainly impacted by Cloudflare Status - Increased HTTP 525 Errors in Chennai, India area. - keep an eye on this - we’re working with providers in the region to resolve.

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But why only through Cloudflare ?

@gpuzzles_briddles it’s likely happening for specific network paths only (e.g. the network path you take with Cloudflare disabled is different) - but as it’s a 3rd party network issue we cannot know for sure. Keep an eye on the status page and we’ll update it when things are resolved.

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