Just switched to CloudFlare NS's. Now my real IP is resolving

I’m using PlexGuide and when setting it up I entered my GoDaddy API.
This set up CloudFlare’s resolution to a CloudFlare’s IP.
(eg. I could ping my subdomain and got a CloudFlare IP.)

I just switched my NS’s to CloudFlare and now my actual IP is resolving.
Is it that it takes some time for my IPs to resolve to a CF IP.

The change almost was instant. It’s like switching broke it.

This makes me nervous and I’m thinking of switching back to GoDaddy’s NS’s and adding a glue record for CF so my PG subdomains aren’t pointing at my server’s actual IP addresses.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun because it hasn’t been 24 hours and my NS’s are still showing as GoDaddy’s but now when I used to have CF protection on the PG subs, I no longer do.
Did switching NS at GoDaddy make everything point to my A record?

Thanks in advance,


Did you read https://community.cloudflare.com/t/community-tip-what-to-include-in-your-post/128020?

I’m sorry, I’m a noob.
I just read it now for future reference.

My issue is resolved now. I was just impatient and had to wait for the Status Active email.
Cheers and sorry for not following protocol.
All the best,