Just switched and have this issue only when accessing within our business domain

We had our web developer move our website to Cloudflare months ago. Yesterday, they moved our website to our own account in Cloudflare so that we don’t have to have them manage it for us. The website is totally accessible from the outside, but inside our WAN, we are getting the following issue on Chrome and have to click adavnce and proceed with caution.

“That worked Your connection to this site is insecure.”

What could be the issue with it?

Hi there, Sorry for the issues you facing.

Internally at your company, local network - do you have your own DNS Nameservers? - It is likely that your domain internally on your network is setup to use the same domain name as your external zone that is used for your website - so DNS requests hitting your local DNS nameservers in your office are being routed to the wrong IP or at least not to Cloudflare IPs.

There is a term for this - Split-Brain DNS | IT Pro

You would need to speak to your IT team about getting this resolved as there may need some configuration on your local DNS nameservers.

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Thanks! Our DNS server has a www that points to the old ip address. What should the new IP address for Cloudflare be?

You need to find out the IP address of the origin server, not the ip that shows up when using cloudflare. The web developer has that information from the account they set up on your behalf, your hosting provider can also tell you that IP.

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