Just set up Cloudflare, changed nameservers and site is now down


I’ve just set up cloudflare for our site ekass.com

I followed the instrustions and changed the Name Servers and the site went down. I got a 1003 error, saying that there was a conflict. I called Godaddy to see if it was anything on their end and they said it is something on the Cloudflare side.

Panicking I changed the Name Servers back and it hasn’t resolved the issue. I now get a 1000 error.

Anybody have any advice? I really need to get this back up and running.

You can see the error here - https://ekass.com/

Your DNS records here should completely match the DNS records in your GoDaddy DNS list. Those were the records Cloudflare scanned and asked you to double-check before activating your domain.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The DNS was already being managed in a different Cloudflare account.

Is there a process I can follow to troubleshoot and resolve the issue?

Sorry, I see the tutorial now. I should change to the new Cloudflare Name Servers provided to be when I opened the account and then follow the tutorial?

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Your active DNS records page here at Cloudflare includes the two name servers that answer for that domain. Make sure you have set those two name servers at your Domain Registrar’s WHOIS page for your domain.

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