Just moved to Cloudflare - Google Analytics numbers down, but revenue etc unchanged

I am a large publisher and just moved my network of sites over to Cloudflare from Cloudfront.

I’m very happy with how everything is going, websites are super fast, user experience great, etc.

However, I noticed my Google Analytics numbers are down maybe 20% on average across the board.

Is this normal? I can only imagine that maybe Cloudflare is filtering out a lot of useless bots that were being recorded before (not that I would expect my sites to have any bots anyway).

Security is set to “Essentially Off”.

The other thing - ad revenue is more or less the same, which makes me think that this traffic that I have supposedly lost was worth nothing anyway (ie bots).

Anyway, was curious to see if the CF community had any ideas.

This sounds like a plausible theory. You can double check by going to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security/events and seeing if anything got blocked recently.

If you are seeing no SEO or revenue impact, it probably isn’t worth worrying about.


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