Just moved domains to CF, didn't realize I can't fwd with masking


Since Cloudflare introduced domain registering I was excited to move my domains here. However, I really need domain forwarding with masking.

Is there any way to do this or is the feature coming?
Thanks all.

If you’re talking about framing some other domain’s website, that’s not a proper configuration. That should be done with a CNAME. Several hosts let you set an alias for for a website that lets it respond as more than one domain.

I see, I’m trying to point all my domains at my github page which only allows 1 domain. If I could fwd with masking from CF I’d be all set but it seems I’m in a bit of a bind.

You may have to settle for just a forwarding Page Rule for each of those domains. That won’t require a hosting plan anywhere.
Match: *example.com*
Setting: Forwarding URL 301 to (your GitHub domain)

Yes, I think that’s what I have to settle on. The issue is that the domain will be forwarded to a new URL. Oh well I guess that’s all I can get from CF as a registrar.
Thanks for your help.

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