Just launched a page, and it doesn't work with Apple devices

Just launched the page, and it doesn’t work with Apple devices, Safari in particular, but OK with PC and Android phones. Also, we have integrate a live support chat window on the page to connect with customers and we don’t receive messages from it, but it has worked when we tested it earlier. Any suggestions?

What’s the page? I generally use Safari, but I suggest you try it with Firefox and/or Chrome on a Mac as well. Just to help isolate.

As for the chat problem, give it a try from a browser with a Dev Tools Console window open. It might show a relevant error.

we connected our Tilda project to existed domain name that we own, and it works OK with Chrome and Firefox on PC, but when we check it through Safari on iPhone it says “safari is not able to connect to the page, server is not found”.

I just checked on my iPhone on WiFi as well as Cellular, and it works. Admittedly, they both use for DNS.

That sounds like a DNS issue, but I don’t know why there would be that problem. Is it on Cellular, or WiFi?

p.s. It also works on Safari on my Mac…also using for DNS.

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