Just can't seem to fix my Speed issues

I’ve been trying to improve the speed on my website SupercarTribe.com for about a year now, but just cant seem to improve some things. My current speeds are
GTMetrix: D62% / C77% / Load time 3.2s
Google PageSpeed: Mobile 27% / Desktop 72%
Running Wordpress with Divi Extra Theme

As you can see the results are not great.

I’ve moved over to AWS Cloud which resolved speed issues. Plus I’m running “W3 Total Cache” and “Divi Engine” for minification and caching which combined have eliminated all suggestions that were coming out.

Also I am on Cloudflare using caching (standard level), Auto minify on, Polish on (Lossy) with WebP, and pretty much everything else on. But the problems i still get are:
Optimize images - Should have been resolved through Polish
Serve images in next-gen formats - Should have been resolved through Polish
Serve scaled images - Tried to resolve this without luck.

There are other things too, but my main concern is the image issues. That appears on both the reports. Any tips on how I can fix this? My site is image heavy, and before uploading we reduce sizes and compress to some extent. Any tips will be most appreciated. Thanks.

I certainly agree on the Serve Scaled Images. All those 50x50 thumbnails are 150x150 images…sometimes larger. That may be your WordPress default thumbnail size and your theme isn’t using its own properly scaled thumbnails.

I’m pretty sure Polish doesn’t kick in until the images is cached. So a cf-cache-status MISS is going to be the original images from your server. A HIT will be an optimized image from the Cloudflare cache.

Re-run the GTMetrix test and see if that takes care of the Polish questions. I re-ran it and didn’t get those complaints.

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