Just added https://peachesincrime.com/ and it is not working

I just added peachesincrime.com 12 hours or more ago

It does not seem to work at all - just blank page and ‘too many redirects’ and delete cookies

Control panel says Cloudflare is protecting site

Trancert returns this from here - final ip is Cloudflare as far as I can see

Appreciate any suggestions

Click on Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

I suspect you need to remove the origin redirect

thanks for that suggestion

Ipower do not give the ability to control the SSL redirect for http - and in this domain (unlike others I have ) I purchased a ssl certificate recently to trouble shoot some problems. So my guess is that it does redirect as you suggest.

Meantime I turned off encryption on my Cloudflare control panel and thus far nothing has changed - the site still wont load

Was that an action of last resort ?

If I cannot get it to work on Cloudflare easily I will just revert

thanks for any suggestions

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Thank you

That cert is on the origin correct?

If you have a valid certificate on your origin, can you re-enable universal ssl and set it to Full (strict)?

Ah, just checked your account and you do not have any DNS records, add an A record with a value of the IP address of your origin server.

thanks again for that - will attempt that and I did turn on strict

report back with success I hope


yup- you nailed it

fabulous - sun is shining again

Works now and really fast loading compared to the org ipower server


:sun_behind_small_cloud: Fantastic! :partyparrot:

Thank you for the confirmation.

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