Just added Automatic Platform Optimization per WordPress > Site break. normal?

I have payed and turned APO, + Early HintsBeta + Rocket Loader™ from optimization panel
after 5 minutes my website went down.
Is it normal and i just have to wait (it’s hours now), or what?

Cloudflare Diagnostic says ALL OK

It’s not normal.
As you mentioned, you may want to fix the Hostname has no DS records and DNSSEC errors. It’s probably that.
It most likely this - DNSSEC enabled at Cloudflare, but not at your registrar.
If you are sure its not the DS or DNSSEC issue, then try disabling each option one by one. First Early Hints, then Rocket Loader and then APO. Clear cache after every step.

I am not sure. Never tried it. You can see Coudflare Knowledgebase or ask your registrar.

Actually all set up - Diagnostic says “Looking Good” to all settings
Website is not working :slight_smile:

Maybe cancel the DNSSEC setup and enable it when you have gathered enough information on it.

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