Just a positive feedback

Hello all.

I have been using Cloudflare about a month now.
Got to say, even this free pack is providing wide scale of features.

  • SSL is working perfectly
    Apache virtual host configuration is just really weird (or i’m just too stupid :D) when you setup SSL and routing port 80 to 443, but I figured out and it is working as it should now :+1:

  • I don’t have static IP yet so it can change sometimes.When I make DNS routing change, it reacts instantly. Very nice, usually these changes takes like an hour.

I’m also using certifications on my many projects I have.

Thanks for the great service and i’m probably upgrading to Pro tomorrow :slight_smile:
These days it is very hard to find free and good products. Cloudflare is one these.

Have a nice day everyone!



Could not agree more! I had a serious issue caused by a third party and Cloudflare promptly fixed it!