Junk text over original page on website compromised

My website is compromised. Showing junk text over original page. Here are some examples:

I am advised to contact my hosting provider. Does anyone has similar issues and any tips for resolution?

ATM I’m looking for compromised files but still unsuccessful.

Good advice. Have you tried that?

Yes, it’s on Cloudflare.

No, it’s not.

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Pretty sure it’s on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not your hosting provider but a reverse proxy that sits in between your hosting and the internet. If you were not aware of this, I advise reaching out to your system administrator or the person that set up your website.


I am looking at WHOIS search result, both registrar and nameserver is pointing to Cloudflare.

That’s because your site likely uses Cloudflare’s proxy service. If you are not familiar with your setup then I would follow the advice here.


In a nutshell, WHOIS result does not 100% tells you the true story.

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Take a look at your DNS records here at dash.cloudflare.com. You should have an “A” record that points to your actual host. You can paste that IP address into the upper right corner of whois.com and it will most likely clearly show you who your host is.

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