Jump_start not working

The jump_start is not working when adding a domaing to Cloudflare using API 4. The DNS of course is not pointing to Cloudflare. Actually I use this API for at least a year and the DNS scanning never worked but now I really need it cause the company I work for will start adding many domains of customers and we dont have time to add the DNS entires manually.

	$contexto = stream_context_create(array(
		"http" => array(
			"ignore_errors" => true,
			"timeout" => 30,
			"method" => "POST",
			"header" => array(
				"X-Auth-Email: " . $email,
				"X-Auth-Key: " . $key,
				"Content-Type: application/json"
			"content" => '{"account":{"id":"' . $id_account. '"},"name":"' . $domain . '","jump_start":true}'


If you’re adding domains for paying customers, you should not rely on Cloudflare’s scanning, but instead set jump_start to false and import the entries for a customer.

Cloudflare’s scan looks for ~= 2k common records/ types. It isn’t a substitute for importing the actual valid records, it’s a shortcut for a small personal/ simple domain where there’s little to no risk from missing records or it’s easy to spot check for missing entries.

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I never trusted the scan for very important DNS entries (like MX). The important ones I always verify/add manually but many other entries I can rely on DNS scan.

If DNS scan does not work at all (in all the tests I did, Cloudflare DNS scanning using API does absolutely nothing) why is it documented in the API? It takes time from devs trying to understand why something is not working (which is because it simply does not work at the first place).

If there is no usage for jump_start it should be removed from the docs.

Updated documentation would be nice… until then see also:

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