"jump_start":false not working

The jump_start is not working when adding a domaing to Cloudflare using API 4. I useing “jump_start”:false to add domain,but old record already exists.
How do I get a brand new, unrecorded domain zone?

I know the default is “false” but it doesn’t work so I force it to “false”

h1=“X-Auth-Email: XXXXXXXXXXXX.com
h3=“Content-Type: application/json”
s=$(curl -s -H “${h1}” -H “${h2}” -H “${h3}” -X POST -d “${curl_body}” “${api_url}” |dos2unix)

Does anyone have an idea on this issue?

What error message are you getting from the API call?

No error message
The addition was successful
But the old parsing still appears

I want to delete the entire domain zone and re-add a brand new clean domain zone
Occasionally reads the resolution of the old (deleted) domain zone

Does you have an idea on this issue?

The issue still persisting. Also when using terraform. jump_start = false is not takign eefect ( always importing old domains).

Does anyone have an idea on this longterm issue?

Are you saying you already added the domain the regular way, then deleted and tried to re-add from the API, but got all the old records back?

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