JSON error when updating WordPress page, audtosave failing

Worked on editing the content of a page, and when I went to update it, I got “Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.” My tech guy tailed it and saw that it was wp-json etc failing with a reference to cloudflare, and also, that autosave was failing, but silently. How can I get troubleshooting help on this?

Hi there,

Likely this is being blocked by a WAF component.
I suggest you open your security events tab Security > Events and set the time for the previous 30 minutes. Then, if you try and trigger the issue again, you should see the block event.

Expand the event, and it will tell you exactly which component blocked it.

Knowing that you can now create a custom WAF rule set to skip it ( Security > WAF > Custom Rule >Create Rule), or create an exception to managed rules ( Security > WAF > Managed Rules > Add exception ) if the block is caused by Managed Rules or OWASP.

Take care.