JSON error response

Hi guys

I recently encountered the issue of JSON error response when I was updating the old article. It always failed and pop up the message “Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.”

I have spoken to my theme provider and my hosting server Bluehost, they both found the problem is bc of Cloudflare, it may sometimes block legitimate requests so cause the JSON error response. As you can the attached picture.

However, I don’t want to disable Cloudflare fully, cuz it’ll affect my site speed, and they suggest I can at least reduce its security measures, but I’m not sure how to do. Does anyone know how to do exactly?

PS. I’ve tried to install Classic Editor to update my old articles, and it worked, but I just don’t wanna use it and I prefer to use the current editor to update my previous articles.


Your requests were blocked by the WAF (Web Application Firewall). To check why, you can navigate to Security > Events on your Cloudflare dashboard and identify the request. If you have a Ray ID header from that page you can select “Add filter” and filter by that ID to find an individual request.

Depending which product it says is the culprit, your method to bypass it will vary wildly.

Hi Erisa,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve navigated to Security > Events on my Cloudflare dashboard and set the time for the previous 30 minutes. Then, I tried to trigger the issue again, but I couldn’t see the block event so I can’t identify the request. Any other way I could see the block event?