jsDelivr Expired Certificate (May 2024)


If anyone from Cloudflare or jsDelivr can fix this, please do so.

Certificate expired a little over 2 hours ago. Please see screenshot below

yes, this is crazy, half the internet is broken because of this and browsers do not allow to create an exception so I can at least get things working myself.

I fear jsdelivr is run by 1 guy that is sleeping right now.

it’s relevant to Cloudflare because Cloudflare API Documentation refers to jsdelivr libraries (why not cdnjs?)

This has already been posted on JSDelivr. It’s affecting millions of users.

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jsDelivr CDN




Today, for an unknown reason, our SSL certificate with Cloudflare, which is fully automated and managed by them, was replaced with an expired one. This was completely unexpected and something we weren’t prepared for, and caused unavailability of our service in some regions.

estou com problema tambem para acessar meus sites ‘SSL Handshake failed

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