JS not working on website

Hi guys. I have a simple page https://audio.gta-thelegend.cf . As you can see it is a simple page. It has one javascript file. Yesterday when i uploaded the files it loaded correctly but when I was leaving yesterday i changed some settings. I think the js is not loading due to those changes. Can someone please help me getting the js load.

Hi @vedaang ,

The JavaScript should be loaded in a specific tag called <script > JS CODE </script>

@Neeraj_1. The code is fully fine. I have checked all tags. There is a issue with my Cloudflare setting that I changed yesterday.
Please let me know that which setting to change to solve this.

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Thanks for the feedback @vedaang , Yes it is working

Can you Specify the setting you changed so that I can guide you ?

Also I see no Problem with website , what Problem are you facing ?

I changed settings on the "Cache > Configuration"Page.

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@vedaang , can you tell in Configuration which setting you changed , what is problem you are facing ?

@Neeraj_1 the x, y , Track Name and Track Artist are variables and are not updating due to javascript not working. The track play button and all other buttons are not responding due to js not working.

@vedaang ,

But The Track Name & Track Artist is getting updated for me

Here’s the Screenshot

Also There are 2 Console Messages which are not that important I guess

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

2main.js:61 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a new load request. https://goo.gl/LdLk22

Can you Share a Screenshot of what you see ?

I do not see the trach names. It is just showning track name track artist and x of y.

I think it’s a issue with my browser.

I purged Cache from my dashboard and it seems to be working fine.

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