JS is not loading due to cloudflare


Hello everyone,

I am using a plugin for my WordPress website called WP auto poster, this plugin automatically posts to social media channels but for some reason according to the plugin developer Cloudflare is blocking javascript.

“I checked the issue on your domain and found that issue occurs due to cloudflare. Due to cloudflare, even when all plugins including SAP are disabled, some javascript are not loading. Due to which we get js errors and which is why SAP is not working.”

Can anyone please explain me how i can solve this problems?

Thanks in advance,



See if Rocket Loader is enabled from Cloudflare’s Speed tab. Rocket Loader can sometimes interfere with JS.

If it’s on, try setting it to Off.


Thank you sdayman,

The rocket loader seems to be off, however, i saw that the caching/minify options where on.
But i do also have a caching plugin on my website


It seems that the minify options from cloudflare caused the problems.