JS file hangs loading


Here’s a JS file
https://test.gappstack.dev/site/app.bundle.js?v=D6FcdyJi_hDPP_MsnNrwNg7uWSQ. If you try opening it a few times in the browser with the cache disabled, it eventually will get stuck on loading. If I pause Cloudflare, it loads always. This was happening a week ago for a few days. Now it’s back again.
Brotli, JS minification is disabled.

Interestingly though the file loads quickly, but the connection remains open and the request ends up with an error.

Please assist. It affects all live clients.

Actually pausing Cloudflare doesn’t help. Also I noticed that it never loads from one country and 70/30% from another country…

I can access the file. I am based in the UK.

I can see the cloudflare is caching the file too.

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