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I have ddos attack only on one type of link /photo/id
I allow Googlebot for normally open website,
For other users I add firewall rule JS Challenge only for URL which contain /photo/id
Now website work fine, I can leave website for work only this way or this can bad affect on SEO?
Does JS Challenge can have bad affect on SEO?

JS Challenge won’t affect legitimate bots by default. You should be good to go.

If you’ve set JS Challenge for everything requesting something in that Firewall Rule, everything will be challenged unless you exclude known bots.

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Good point! I forgot the fact that this is a firewall rule.

Protip: Have a rule with the most priority allow all bots so that way you never forget about these silly mistakes that can happen to anybody.

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I can return JS Challenge for countries from which I get ddos? and in same time with other firewall rule I can allow Google Botbot and all other countries, this will not have some bad affect on my SEO?

Something like this will challenge countries, but still let good bots through:

this will not have some bad affect on seo?

@sdayman already mentioned this:

= No impact to SEO.

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