JS Challenge on the login page

Can I add JS challenge to my WordPress login page? and what is the effect?

Add page-rules can be achieved

Ok, thank you
Then, how can we analyze some of the people who are challenged?
And what’s the difference with firewall rules?

It should be displayed in the Activity log.
Firewall rules can also achieve similar functions, which are more flexible and can be matched with other rules.

I have enabled Firewall js challenge on the login page, but why can’t it?
And on which page is the Activity log?

Is the URL matching correct?
Do rules take precedence?

I mean, I made a js challenge rule on the firewall for my login page, but when I made it didn’t work?

It will take a minute to propogate, try checking in incognito browser

Ok, thank you
But, where is the activity log page?


Okay thank you very much

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