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I’m trying to visit a website but end up “forbidden”. I wrote the website owner and he replied saying, “our web security software has flagged your IP address with Javascript “Challenge”. It seems your browser is trying to access our site very quickly, sometimes multiple times in the same second. You could unknowingly have malware on your computer, I’d do a virus scan and check.”

I have tried accessing his site from two computers here, both heavily protected, using Chrome and Firefox in incognito mode (FF has no add-ons to begin with). I do not think my PCs are infected. Plus, I can access his site if I use a VPN, though would that prevent the JS Challenge issue? Is there a online test I can access to confirm the JS Challenge issue?

You can try this:

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Thank you. I did that before submitting my question. Verdict was “We don’t have data on this IP currently”.

I tried accessing the subject website from another location (a separate network, different public IP address – same ISP, though), and got the same forbidden message. Obviously I can’t see what the website owner sees on his Cloudflare dashboard, so I don’t know if the browser at this other location was doing the repeated attempts or whatever this JS Challenge thing means. Is there there a public facing page I can visit that will tell me if the browser I’m using is doing it?

Hi @trwilde,

Based on the screenshot, that looks like it is blocking you based on the website security level. This means that you will be challenged based on your IPs threat score.

If you have checked Project Honeypot, there is not a huge amount else you can do.

If you want, you can go to cfthreatscore.domjh.com where you will get an ‘Access denied’ page, but I can see on my end what range your threat score is in, due to the list of rules I have created for that purpose! Please bear it in mind that I can see your IP address if you do this, however, I won’t post it here and any screenshots I send will have your IP blurred out.

If you do try this, please let me know what time (and time zone) you accessed it and I will take a look at the logs on my end.

I can see what range it is in out of the following:


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I just tried it and got blocked. Your error message has a timestamp.

Error 1020 Ray ID: 51542eace8dbd28e • 2019-09-12 19:10:35 UTC

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Perfect, looking now - forgot about the timestamp :joy:

That is interesting, @trwilde - you are showing as having a threat score of 0 which should not be blocked or challenged on any security level setting…

I think it must be something on the website’s end that is causing the issue… On that site, I get challenged but not blocked, though.

Also, them saying you are

may well just be your browser requesting different URLs of images etc. on the page.

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