JS Challenge Firewall rule redirects me to Captcha Challenge

Hello, I need some kind assistance.

So at present I have under attack mode turned off, I have the security level set to essentially off, I have full strict ssl turned on as I have an activate Cloudflare certificate set on my Orgin server.

I have a firewall rule set called, JS Everyone, see more about the rule I have set below.

When incoming requests match…
Field: IP Source Address
Operator: Does not Equal
Then: JS Challenge.

The issue is, when a user visits my website gplwizards.xyz they are presented with the JS page but rather than it being automatic and going direct to the website it shows the JS page and redirects to a Captcha challenge instead!

I have tried testing this on multiple browsers, private browser mode, different network, constantly redirect to the Captcha instead and never is automatic.

I have attached 3 images.
First image is the firewall settings I have in place.

Second image is the JS Page loading

Third Image is where it redirects me after the JS Challenge which is the captcha Challenge page.

I shouldn’t be redirected to a Captcha challenge after the JS challenge especially that I have set a firewall rule to show a JS challenge only?

I have tried to search the community and found this: but it didn’t help me!

It’s working:

That’s a CAPTCHA challenge. Under Attack Mode uses the JS Challenge in my screenshot.

This is likely because you already have a challenge passage cookie in your browser. Try using incognito mode to see if that changes the situation.

Hey @jnperamo thank you for your comment.
I have cleared all history, i have tried multiple browsers, tried using incognito mode on each browser also and also tried on another network but still the same.