JS challenge can't be passed in Tor Browser?

Continuing the discussion from Wordpress registration form fails when Cloudflare JS Challenge falls back to hCaptcha:

I re-enabled the JS challenge on my site to test this fix. The outcome, as best I can tell, is that the JS challenge no longer falls back to CAPTCHA at all.

In Firefox private mode (which previously fell back to CAPTCHA pretty consistently for me), it now passes the JS challenge and correctly submits the form - but the only thing that’s new here is that the JS challenge passes; the form always submitted correctly when it did.

In an effort to get the JS challenge to fail, I tried submitting the form with Tor Browser. The result here was that the browser seems to get stuck in an endless loop of repeatedly trying and failing to pass the JS challenge, without ever proceeding either to the CAPTCHA or to actually submitting the form.

Just to confirm this wasn’t specific to POST requests, I tried another, method-agnostic rule to enable the JS challenge on a test URL, and it gets stuck in the same loop on Tor Browser.

This isn’t much of a practical concern for me, but I thought I should mention it just in case you accidentally broke Tor more widely than intended.

cc: @mdemoura

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