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I am having some problems with a JS from a plugin (WordPress Amelia plugin for Appointments) that is not loading, it seems it is caused by the Clouldflare Firewall blocking it.

I tried activating the Development Mode and still didn’t work, I don’t know if this deactivated the Firewall. Also tried changing the Firewall settings to Essentially off, and also added a Rule, but still didn’t work. Shouldn’t any of this work??

So I searched and google, and here on the community forums and found nothing.

Also checked all the diagnostic that was told to be checked before posting, and I even activated the DNSSEC that was an issue on the diagnostic and had some other extra problems with my subdomains, that I am also trying to solve with the registrar and hosting.

Now on the diagnostic there’s only a response time issue, that shouldn’t’ be a problem.

So… Any ideas of what else can I do for this to work?

That usually fixes stuff like this. Unless it’s really some other issue. I was thinking Rocket Loader, but apparently not.

How do you know it’s not loading?


Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

This is what happens, it doesn’t load and it is not possible to make an appointment:

I contacted support from the plugin and they told me that it was caused by Cloudflare:
"It has no relation to Amelia plugin.

This is caused by CloudFlare, and you need to reach out to their support team, to see why JS is not loaded for non-logged-in users. You are getting this response because the request scores sufficiently high on Cloudflare’s threat level index. Please liaise with CloudFlare."

I also found some entries on the Cloudflare Firewall records that the Amelia API call was blocked. But the rule to allow them didn’t work neither disabling or developement mode.

Now I am also having problems with the DNS and SSL. I don’t know if it was caused by the activation of DNSSEC. The hosting provider says it is caused by Cloudflare. I am thinking on trying not to use it at all and see if it works but I wouldn’t like to do that, because I had a great performance and security with cloudflare…



That domain is not using Cloudflare and is not functioning.

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