JS and Managed Challenges loop

I have noticed this last night on my phone, and today on a laptop from work - so both in mobile and desktop browsers multiple ISPs.

JS and Managed Challenges loop and never pass or fail, they just keep repeating and the page is never loaded.

Anyone seeing this happening now?

Also, this seems to be affecting all my traffic when a rule requires a Managed Challenge - for example this is now:

This is not an increase in traffic but shows the challenge in a loop.

Also. not sure if related:

I’d suspect so, are you still encountering the issues @freitasm?

Yes, still happening. For example I visited from a mobile browser just now, the Managed Challenge appears, it runs a bit then the checkbox “Verify you are a human” appears.

I tap that and it runs the verification again, showing the checkbox, again. It’s done this six times before I gave up.

Visit Geekzone: contact and see how it goes.

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Works for me in incognito mode in chrome. Do you have any ad blocker or browser extensions running?

No, not adblockers.