JS and images failing to load through CF

HI Guys,

After switching my A record to proxy through CF I am getting some issues with JS loading and images loading.

site i am looking at is radio-controlled dot co dot uk

Tests I have done…

  • checked that its routing through CF on command line using curl
  • Testing in chrome desktop…works fine images and js loads
  • Tested in incognito chrome… JS and Images fail to load
  • Chrome mobile - js and images fail to load
  • Firefox desktop - js and images fail to load

Whats failing?

  • All JS gives me 404 errors
  • Images all giving 404

I see that the common issue might be due to the path of the URL’s

All failing uri’s start with the following


If I remove this part… then I can locate the resource.

anyone have any tips?



Thank you for asking.

May I ask if those URLs to your resources are hardcoded? :thinking:
You should be using hostname instead of the IP when calling them within your HTML code.

Did you used some local/test development version?

You’d firstly need to change the IP to the domain name, therefore make sure your Website is working properly over a secured HTTPS connection.

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