JS and CSS files not being cached

Hi, I’m having a problem with cache.

You can see for yourselves in https://miniapps.ai/. All the js and css files are in the _nuxt subpath. They all return the cf cache header value DYNAMIC. They all have Cache-Control values of public, with max-age and immutable.

Images are cached correctly.

I’ve checked everything. There was no cache/page rule related. I’ve created them now even though Cloudflare should cache them by default.

Any kind of help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

It looks like your (Render) is using Cloudflare themselves.

In that case, you probably can’t control the cache setting from your Cloudflare account, but would have to look for these settings from within Render. This varies from hosting hosting provider to hosting provider based on their agreement with Cloudflare.

I’m not familiar with Render, but a quick Google search shows this has been planned on their end for a few years now:

Thanks for your answer.

So I can’t override those settings anywhere, including Page Rules and Cache Rules, right?

I don’t think you can, but you would have to ask Render to be sure.

To change any Cloudflare settings yourself, you would need an Enterprise account. This allows you to use Orange to Orange, where traffic first goes through your zone and then through the zone of your host.