Js and Css doesn't work

I made a mistake while touching buttons on my member panel.
I immediately put everything back as before except that the problem persists: The Javascript and Css code and some images of my site do not display.
How to do ?
Thank you in advance.

That sounds like Mixed Content. If you post a URL, we can let you know for sure.

Thank you so much for your help, here is the link: Warning! | There might be a problem with the requested link

That page is taking an extremely long time to load. And I’m getting a lot of 522 (Connection Timed Out), so I bet those resources just aren’t getting loaded before Cloudflare cuts off the connection.

522 and 524 are usually firewall related. The origin server is seeing a lot of traffic from a limited number of IPs - Cloudflare filling it’s cache.
You should whitelist CF’s IPs or wait a day for things to settle down.

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It’s demoralizing … Nothing works.
I do not think it comes from the firewall since everything works a few hours ago.
When I hit “Auto Minify” and “Rocket Loader ™”, the site does not work properly.
We can see that the site encrypt my CSS and JS files and it changes their name also by adding the prefix “pagespeed” …
What to do please :frowning:

Disable rocket loader and minify. Validate your pure css, js, and html. Once all fixed try turning optimizations on again.

They were already disabled, I have purged 50 times the entire site and that of my browser but the problem persists …

From the Overview section in the Cloudflare Dashboard, put the site into Development Mode. And in Page Rules, turn them all off.

That should clear more of the path through Cloudflare that might be conflicting with your site’s settings.

By the way…what’s a “Member panel”? Can you post a screenshot of it?

I followed your advice except that it did not work.
What I can not understand is that my CSS and JAVASCRIPT files are modified this way:
What do you think ?

That’s some sort of optimization plugin on your site. What site software are you running?

That’s it ! Since I activated “Auto Minify” in my Cloudflare panel, I have this problem. And now that I’ve turned it off, it’s still there.

“What site software are you running?” I do not understand what you mean.

This is normally added if you have mod_pagespeed turned on. Check your hosting cpanel (or equivalent) for an icon where you could have enabled PageSpeed. This is a module created by Google to optimize websites at the origin, and if you have it on it may not be totally compatible with other optimization plugins.

Having said that, my experience with mod_pagespeed was great, and I would drop any optimization plugin and keep it instead if I could (my hosting provider stopped supporting it).

As for mod_pagespeed vs Rocket Loader, you’d need to figure out if they are conflicting somehow.

I looked in my cpanel if there was a plugin ‘PageSpeed’ but there is none. This situation is very annoying … Any other ideas please?

look at this :slight_smile:


I’m afraid your site was hacked, and the “pagespeed” is part of renaming to obfuscate the malicious nature of new links.

You can check the HTML code and you will see many .js files that have their names appended with “pagespeed” open normally when you check them.

However, in a Sucuri site check, these URLs all returned 404s: Website Security Checker | Malware Scan | Sucuri SiteCheck

Also, using the file viewer scanner on aw-snap.info, with a Google referer, your site is redirected to another URL (.co):


So install a malware scanner (I use Ninja Scanner, free edition. Wordfence is also good) to try and clean your affected files. Then follow procedures to harden your security, such as changing password and enabling 2FA where available on your computer, router, hosting account, cpanel, wp-admin etc.

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Sincerely … I do not understand absolutely anything …
It’s been 1 day that I’m looking for tutorials on the internet but nothing corresponds to my problem that I think is actually a virus … :frowning:

I send you this message since the situation has improved, the site is now accessible despite some problems related to the poor display of CSS and JAVASCRIPT.
Look : Warning! | There might be a problem with the requested link
Do you have a solution ?

Hi @gm.flyflow,

Did you try running a scanner to check whether it finds any malware on your site?

Your site remains returning different content to different browsers and user agents. Some are redirected to https://mixmaster.goldonline.fr/javascript-disabled/, which leads to an apparently functioning page, while others are not.

Also, a site: search on Google is mostly returning legit URLs, but some have the title ending in “revistausina.com”, is this website in any way related to yours?

This all can be signs of your site being compromised. So my suggestion is that you first scan your site with a scanning tool as I’ve mentioned above. At least you’d have taken this factor out the way to focus on other issues.

Hi @cbrandt,
I thank you very much for your help.
If I understand correctly, I would have to scan my website using Ninja Scanner or Wordfence?
I did some research on the internet and apparently they are available only for wordpress sites.
My site is not a wordpress site, what to do?