JotForm page and CloudFlare not working well together

We have a page that is a JotForm connected page, where visitors fill out and submit a form. When Cloudflare is enabled for our site, visitors cannot view the page on Safari from iOS. As soon as I disable Cloudflare (note for the entire site), visitors are able to view it from Safari on an iPhone/iPad.

Is there any way I can disable all Cloudflare services for that particular page?

Thank you!

Not all services, but you can use a Page Rule and add a bunch of settings to disable features.

Does this form work on other devices?

Thanks for the replay. It is scattered and inconsistent on what all devices it will work with.

What page rule settings should I implement to get as close to disabling Cloudflare for those pages as possible?

Page Rule:
Match: and then add some settings, such as:
Disable Apps
Disable Performance
Cache Level: Bypass
Rocket Loader: Disable

and scan through any other options that look like they might interfere.

Thank you!

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