Joomla Site Poor performance with Cloudflare and Cloudaccess


I am a relative newbie and have a developer who is working on the site and will direct him to this forum also. Yet with a little basic background knowledge and some digging, I was able to get the site response time (was 7+ seconds down to 1.5 secs). This was done by using Page Rule Cache Everything and then auto minify to enhance Java, HTML and CSS, after these changes the page load and accessibility for users was almost instant on click (amazing!). This was done incognito and normal browsing and tested with a few people in different parts of the UK and same results.

However, I then discovered our site had issues with login permissions and access for paid users and so it was decided to immediately revert back to the original site settings. We tested this this morning for a combination of these settings… i.e. auto minify disabled and Page Cache enabled. Auto minify enabled, Page cache disabled and we identified the Page Cache as being the problems.

We disabled Page Cache as a result, and felt the site was still quick (was this as a result of left over caching settings that take a while to be removed?). However on checking the site some 4 hours later, we have gone back to stage one, maybe even slower! We currently have auto minify all code in place for Java, HTML and CSS but left Cache off. Cache sped the site up ridiculously, but caused issues on site as explained. I have spoken with our developer, submitted many tickets with host (Cloudaccess) and am at the point now where we need to make progress and get an insight into how Cloudflare and the community can help to improve our load time and identify what settings are best to achieve this without causing any disruption to the site.

Our site is Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Extra note: I have tested site connected to Cloudflare and then direct host through and attached some print screens also of results and increase in requests since setting up… If anybody has any ideas that would be great.

Many thanks,

That first 5 second Wait Time is your server taking a long time to generate that page. Cloudflare can’t fix that.

You’ll need to find some way to get that page sped up, either by moving to a faster server, or optimizing Joomla somehow. Give the Joomla forums a try:

You can use this tool - - to reduce the image size and this will improve a bit the loading speed. I would also suggestion to leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources. Also combined the images into as few images as possible using CSS sprites.

660.3KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer it to reduce blocking of page rendering. You home page has also have a 36 external Javascript scripts.

Your Home Page isn’t that heavy, but there are some work to do to optimize it for faster content delivery.

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