Joomla: Failed to start the session

Good morning,

I have just enabled Cloudflare for my joomla site but it doesn’t work and the error message is:

Error: Failed to start application: Failed to start the session

So, I have paused Cloudflare and the site is again visible

I have searched a solution on both Google and Cloudflare community but I haven’t found a solution.

Could anyone help me solve the problem?

Many thanks

Googling this with Joomla leads me to wonder what database connection details you have in your site. If the site is on the same server as the database, what is the database host set to?

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Hi benhelps,

thanks for your reply!

The DB is on the same server of the site and the host is set to the domain url:

$host = ""


So what happens if you change it to
$host = “localhost”

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I changed the string and re-enabled Cloudflare. It seems to work and for the moment the error does not appear.

Many many thanks :wink:

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