Jimbdo has no A records, how do I setup CloudFlare?

My wife has a website that she wants to host at JIMDO.

The problem is that JIMDO only provides CNAME redirect (they ask you to point your www.example.com to web.jimdosite.com). If you want to also use your domain without www., they ask you to setup a 301 redirect.

On Cloudflare, I see two A records: and I checked and the IPs belong to cloudflare. However, I was wondering if I need to remove them, I am getting the error: Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP.


Yes, remove them.

To do that, create a redirect rule here…

Copy this example, just changing the hostnames…

Then add a dummy proxied DNS record for the domain (@) as A or AAAA 100::



Thanks, should I do a Redirect Rule, Transform Rule, Page Rule, Origin Rule, or a Configuration Rule?

Redirect rule, there is a direct dashboard link in my post above.

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Thanks. So, should I complete it like:

Custom Filter Expression
Hostname Equals example.com
Dynamic www.example.com

Is that correct?

Make sure to include https:// in front of www.example.com or the redirect won’t work properly.

Also make sure you copy the example exactly if you also want the redirect to include any passed path or query parameters.

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I did as you told me and I am getting this error when trying to deploy:

https://www.example.com is not a valid value for target_url because the expression is invalid: Filter parsing error (1:1): https://www.example.com ^^^^ unknown identifier (Code: 20083)

Any idea?

If you are doing a redirect to https://www.example.com then make sure you are doing a static redirect.

But I do advise you to copy the example I gave exactly as that will redirect pages and parameters as well, the link is here again…

Thanks. I changed it static and it worked. I also used the full example you sent me, it looks like this:

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