Jetpack - XML-RPC endpoint issue

Hi, I’m trying to get Jetpack to work on my site.I know this is an XML-RPC endpoint issue.

They are saying their requests are being denied and to reach out to CF/my host to white list their site using this documentation:

Can anyone help me with this? I read CFs documentation but their last-resort says to only do if you think you are being blocked. Thanks community for your time.

Frome the above link, you should create a Firewall Rule to include all JetPack’s IP addresses (ranges) and allow them / bypass for the Cloudflare security check.

Using the JetPack’s IPs and Cloudflare Firewall Rule, it would look like below example:


  • (ip.src in {})

Action: Allow


May I ask you do you use Free or a paid plan like Pro plan? - just in case if the Managed WAF rule could block JetPack as follows at the below link (which you can modify it):

Nevertheless, if using paid plan and if you disable the Managed WAF rule → Cloudflare WordPress, you could got the message like XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

Otherwise, if you are using some security plugin, it could block/disable the needed.

Do you also see some JetPack’s IP addresses and requests appear/show in your Firewall Events log?

You sir are a godsend. Im on CF free with this account but I’m going to upgrade as you said thats more wise. Thank you so much.

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