Jetpack issue

So my Wordpress site has been under attack and I have had some strict security measures in place , both Cloudflare and Cerber security plugin. Jetpack refuses to connect to my site. I deactivated everything on the site but Jetpack wont connect.

So perhaps its a Cloudflare setting?

I have removed and replaced jetpack via ftp
I have whitelisted jetpack rest api (allow namespace jetpack)
I have whitelisted jetpack IP adresses in Cerber
set pagerule in cloudflare to not be used on admin page
set AS num to whitelist jetpack 2635
xmlrpc.php is ok
Page rule:
Disable Security, Browser Cache TTL: 4 hours, Always Online: Off, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps, Disable Performance

firewall rules:

tried everything I can think of
jetpack debugger says “Could not validate security token”
and is stuck on loading screen when trying to set it up. I did delete my old account and created a new one, perhaps an issue?

I doubt it’s a Firewall issue. But just to be sure, check the Firewall Events Log for anything that looks like it might be these attempted connections.

You may have to enable WordPress debugging to see if there’s more information on this as well. But without knowing the mechanics of Jetpack, it’s hard to diagnose. Have you tried Jetpack support forums?

nothing that shows up in the firewall log, its weird I fell like I tried everything. posted in jetpacks forum as well , yet to get a reply. will test with debugging on

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Halleluja :slight_smile: turned out to be a CSP issue with framing from jetpack. now it connected with some errors still but, man that i forgot that :slight_smile:


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