Jetpack IP Integration

Hey there, I have received an Email from Jetpack.
They want Cloudflare to allowlist their IP ranges to enable a connection for jetpack.

I can’t find any Email or anything else to contact Cloudflare. Maybe you could tell me where I should write to or if I can fix the problem on my own.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Cloudflare cannot change your settings. You will need to do that yourself. Are you referring to Jetpack for WordPress from Automattic?

I block on (http.request.uri contains "/xmlrpc.php" and ip.geoip.asnum ne 2635) which only allows the Automattic ASN to connect to xmlrpc.

Thank you.

Where can I do this and should I then just do what?

I was sharing it as reference material rather than a suggestion to employ exactly that same configuration. I don’t know if that is what you need. If it is, you can create that as a Custom Rule in the WAF.

Okay, one last question :slight_smile:

Jetpack writes this: If you are using Cloudflare they also support only allowing traffic coming from servers with a specific ASN (autonomous system number). To configure that, you can allow access to 2635 .

Where in Cloudflare can I do this and how?

You can set a block rule on your WAF here:

Okay but I can only bock ASN there and not allow them do I?

If you block anything that matches what I shared, it allows only traffic from ASN 2635 to connect to /xmlrpc.php. If that is your goal, you csn use it as written. If you want something else, you can adapt your rules further.

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