Jellyfin (Plex) allowed IF proxy set to OFF

Ive seen plenty about ridiculous non measureable TOS rules that seriosuly need revising around non http content such as plex and nextcloud, but putting that aside I wanted to ask if there will be any issues if I do not proxy the reccords for plex or nextcloud. My domain is registered with CF and I have DDNS running from my home server to them, so It must be allowed if the proxy option is set to off as there will be no data going through CF services. I needed to make sure because I really do not want to have my account closed.


Why? Because it does not suit your use case?

No, all of these issue relate to content going through Cloudflare’s proxies. If you have a record on :grey: that will resolve straight to your server and hence Cloudflare won’t be involved at all (except for the DNS part) and whatever you transfer is (literally) between you and your visitors. Just make sure that all content in question really is served from :grey: records, otherwise you’d be proxying again and possibly subject to restrictions.

Thanks for your respone.

It doesnt suit anyones use case not knowing at what point you are breaking a rule that “limits” something. If it simply said non HTTP is not allowed then fair enough, If it simply said a max bandwith of 5mb/s fair enough, if it simply said a max of 50GB per month then fair enough. The problem is how can you follow the rules that “limit” something if you do not know the limit.

Its like saying you can drive this car for a limited amount of time along this empty road, but having no fuel indicator. It is stupid and only suits CF and further encourages enterprise users which, when they are actively trying to appeal to home users through at cost registrar services, DDNS and plenty of other ways, is very counter intuitive.

I understand your concerns and this will most likely be deliberately vague, in order to apply a fair-use principle. Bottom line, don’t use the proxy service for anything which goes beyond standard website use or contact sales to find which paid services they could offer.

But as for your question, as mentioned, unproxied records never are an issue.

Cool, ok thanks.

Are you suggesting that there are services other than the full on enterprise package that may be more affordable?

That heavily depends on what you actually want to use. For videos, there’s Cloudflare Stream for example.

If you are only after proxying content from your server, then it will be mostly the Enterprise plan though, as there are not many other dedicated services and even the Business plan is subject to such limitations, but overall that’s something you’d best clarify in a conversation with the sales team.

But again, Cloudflare won’t immediately deactivate your account if you lightly use it for something else than traditional websites, but technically you’d be still in violation of that article and if you transfer too much data, they might restrict your account.

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