Jekyll site not working on CF pages

I have a simple Jekyll site build on the default template (just a week ago, I created new project, wrote few pages, tested that on my desktop, which worked, and tried to deploy on CF pages). It seems that jekyll doesn’t support older ruby versions (or one of the dependencies of the default theme). Trying to set RUBY_VERSION to ruby-3.0.2 (based on docs for rvm) doesn’t work and just says it couldn’t find any binaries nor source.

I’m new to jekyll and ruby (never used either of those before), I just wanted to migrate my markdown site from PHP (I made a simple script to convert markdown to HTML and style it) to Jekyll, so I could build the output and use CF pages to host it.

By the log, it can’t find that version, taking a look at the cache there are no .bz2 archives for 3.x (only preview 1 has that archive release) - ref: pub/ruby/3.0/

I’m going to ping someone on the Cloudflare Pages team about this. If you could join the Discord that would be super helpful, you can join it here: Cloudflare Workers

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