Jekyll - Cloudflare CDN

I am in the process of moving my Jekyll sites from Netlify over to Cloudflare. It is working great so far. I am enjoying being here. I was wondering what are some easy ways to integrate the Cloudflare CDN to my Jekyll site? My site has a lot of images so I would like to not have to upload and copy paste URLs thousands of times to leverage the Cloudflare image CDN. I was hoping cloudflare might have something simple like images[.]weserv[.]nl.

If it helps I am paying for cloudflare pro for this site and cloudflare images basic. I will upgrade my images plan once I get this figured out. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Don’t know how big your site is, but you could use Pages which means images will be part of the pages project.

The site is hosted in Cloudflare pages and behind Cloudflare pro subscription. I’m trying to add Cloudflare images CDN. Do you have any suggestions?

That site you linked seems similar to Image Transform Transform via URL · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

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