Javascript when served through CDN does not work


Hello everyone,

Since 23.02 (or 1-2 days earlier) js served through Cloudflare all of a sudden stopped working (subdomains

On a website no changes where made, webserver (Nginx) config had some minor changes, but was reverted. Did not help.
Disabling js minification on cloudflare did not help either. With option turned off I compared files served directly vs cloudflare, they are equal.

When files are served directly everything works as expected.

In chrome console there are some violation notices, but they are probably irrelevant since they appear on both times.

How to debug this?? Could it be somehow connected to DNS record: CAA 0 issue “”?

Tested in Chrome, FF, IE.

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Do you have Rocket Loader enabled? It’s in the Speed section of the Cloudflare panel. I keep this turned off, as HTTP/2 does a pretty good job of speeding up JS loads.


Same here, Rocket Loader is off…


I’d set up a Page Rule for that subdomain. Then start exploring options for disabling: Disable Apps, Disable Performance, Disable Security.

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