JavaScript Web Analytics and paths overview

I’ve added a JavaScript version of Web Analytics, and I’m having trouble with path statistics.

I want to see view counts for each page. For some reason, most of the visits have an incorrect path in the statistics. Most of the visitors on my site visit specific pages and not the main page. I do not have this issue when using other analytics solutions.


Is this a privacy related limitation or a configuration problem?

Update: I can see correct paths in the POST data, but it looks like it gets rejected when sending:

I use default policies on my side.

I’ve fixed the problem by changing Referrer-Policy to no-referrer-when-downgrade.
I use Django web framework and it changes Referrer-Policy by default.

Check your HTTP headers in case you have the same problem.

I think this is worth adding to the documentation. Django is a popular framework and this problem is not easy to notice. Other analytic tools use GET requests to track the page path.

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